Have you ever thought of taking care of the algorithm?

Have you ever thought of taking care of the algorithm? In Germany it is possible: Tinnitracks is the first app approved as a tinnitus treatment, a hearing disorder so annoying that it could compromise the quality of life of those suffering from it and is the first to receive, in Germany, the reimbursement by the sanitary system. The apps (for smartphones or computers) that aim to be considered drugs, or at least to be used in association with some classic drug therapies, are now numerous and the companies that market them are more than 150, including startups and technology giants. The list does not include apps that are used to keep weight under control or stimulate a healthier lifestyle, but only those innovative treatment options that improve or replace current medical practices and can be prescribed by healthcare professionals and adapted to the clinical needs, objectives and lifestyles of patients, as if they were technological pills. It is a market that today is worth about 1.7 billion dollars but could exceed 8 billion by 2025 (data: Allied Market Research). hashtagdigitaltherapy hashtaghealth hashtagtherapies hashtaghealthier https://lnkd.in/eJ_Q_YH